Going Home After Hospital Care

Experiencing a hospital stay is never a pleasant experience. However sometimes making the adjustment to life back at home is not always that easy. If you or someone you know is making this type of adjustment you can use these tips to lessen the impact of the move.

1. Always make certain that you understand all of the directions your doctor has given you. If not ask questions until you are clear.

2. Be sure to get a copy of any type of exercise or nutritional program that you are expected to follow.

3. Have a copy of any tests that were performed, especially if you were not under the care of your family doctor. This way your own doctor can follow up with you and know exactly what treatments you were given.

4. Ensure that you understand when and how to take any medications.

5. Have a list of emergency contacts and resources that you may require as you recuperate.

6. Have someone make sure that your home is equipped as necessary. Do you require any special devices or items to help you get around at home. Maybe you need your bedroom to be moved to a downstairs room.

7. Check that any additional expenses or items are covered by your health insurance plan.

8. On the day of your discharge arrange for a family member or friend to pick you up and take you home.

9. Will you need meals delivered to you or require help making your own meals or going grocery shopping? Set this in motion if necessary.

10. Don’t be hasty about going home too early. Heed your doctor’s advice so that you don’t have a relapse.

While no-one wants to spend any amount of time in a hospital sometimes it is necessary. Before going home it is important to ensure that you have everything you need on hand. This includes medications, dietary foods and any items such as a walking stick, crutches or easy to unlock doors and cupboards.

Have someone help you prepare everything before you leave the hospital. This will prevent any unnecessary and potentially hazardous trips to any local stores. Just because you are being discharged doesn’t mean that you are totally fit and healthy again. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to completely heal again.

The above tips we mentioned apply to many different circumstances. You may be an elderly person coming home after surgery. You might have just given birth or you may have undergone cosmetic surgery. No matter what your reason was use our tips so you can safely enjoy your return to your home.